Graphic designer and Maine native Carl Schlick was introduced to screenprinting (and his future wife) at the Maine State Museum while working in the photo lab during the mid 1970s. The hard edges and committed lines of the silkscreen process intrigued him and sparked his imagination.

“As part of a consulting business, my father had a basic silkscreen set-up,” Carl recalls. “I started trying different ideas in his shop and was soon producing t-shirts for the band I played in. The whole thing just took off.”

In 1979 Carl started a studio specializing in screenprinting and graphic design. Clients ranged from local businesses to the World Pro Ski Tour. “We worked long hours from November to April. The Pro Tour kept us real busy. It was not unusual to get a screenprinting order that needed to be in Vail or Aspen the next day.”

Today Carl works at a more moderate pace. The printing side of the studio has been replaced with vinyl cutting, reducing the need for chemicals yet keeping the hard-edge graphic capabilities that started it all.

On the music side, Carl has teamed up with a fun bunch of musicians based in Bowdoinham to make music and unwind with Band Cilantro.


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