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From left:
Earl, Margot Randy, Elna, Carl

Earl Bigelow and Margot Frost have a duo named Cilantro… and now “Band Cilantro” is the having-way-too-much-fun version. For more info about Cilantro and the band’s schedule of events, visit or check out bandcilantro on Facebook. Earl Bigelow is operating a music studio in Bowdoinham called Watersong Music. Located on the waterfront, Watersong offers music lessons, recording and mixing services as well as a wonderful rehearsal space. For the summer months, there is music in the nearby gazebo and student concerts sponsored by Watersong. He’s on Facebook at Watersong. We’ve hosted several dance parties which are proving to be popular….. potluck food and cafe style seating for listening, socializing and, of course, dancing.

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